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Teapots are familiar and comfortable symbols; I create then as containers to hold iconic images. My original art practice was as a painter; I turned to knotting after a workshop at Craft Alliance. While I’ve most often quoted from painters of the pop era, my current work is focused on the rich vintage imagery of mid century. The repetitive process of tying knots pays homage while reinterpreting the experience of how we are meant to perceive a snapshot of American history.



Staked Out, Contemporary Basketry, invitational, Blue Spiral 1, Asheville, NC


Small Works Invitational, Duane Reed Gallery, St. Louis, MO


Women Artists at RAM, Racine Art Museum, Racine, WI


Rooted, Revived, Reinvented: Basketry in America, , University of Missouri and
National Basketry Association, (Curators: Jo Stealey, Kristen Schwain)
Traveling Exhibition catalogue
•Museum of Art and Archaeology, University of Missouri - Columbia
•108 Contemporary, Tulsa, OK
•Lauren Rogers Museum of Art, Laurel, MS
•Whatcom Museum, Bellingham, WA
•Houston Center for Contemporary Craft, Houston, TX
•South Dakota Art Museum, Brookings, SD
•Fuller Craft Museum, Brockton, MA
•The Ruth Funk Center for Textile Arts at Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne, FL


Friends of Mary: Honoring the Legacy of Mary Giles, Textile Center, Minneapolis, MN


Rope: Unbound, Highfield Hall and Gardens, Falmouth, MA


Current Profile, Craft Alliance, St. Louis


Small Gifts from Big Donors, Racine Art Museum, Racine, WI


Social Fabic/Moral Fiber, Gallery West, Suffolk County Community College, S.U.N.Y, Brentwood, NY
(Curators: Michaelann Tostanoski, Director and Leila Daw), catalogue


Faces of Politics, Fuller Craft Museum, Brockton, MA (Guest Curator: Bruce Hoffman)


Comic Art: Fantasy and Imagination, Ann Street Gallery, Newburgh, NY


Finding Shelter, University of Central Arkansas, Baum Gallery, Conway, AS


Interpretations, Craft Alliance, St. Louis, MO


Extreme Fibers: Textile Icons and the New Edge, Traveling Exhibition, Curator: Geary Jones, catalogue
•Muskegon Museum of Art, Muskegon, MI
•Dennos Museum Center, Traverse City, MI


Four Entwined, Duane Reed Gallery, St. Louis


St. Louis Collects: A Passion for Contemporary Craft, Craft Alliance Grand Center, St. Louis


What a Stitch, Gravers Lane Gallery, Philadelphia, PA


Considering the Kylix: Contemporary Interpretations of a Classical Form, Traveling Exhibition
Curator: Maleyne M Syracuse, catalogue
•Peters Valley Craft Center, Layton, NJ
•Mahady Gallery, Marywood University, Scranton, PA


fiftea: 14th Biennial Teapot Exhibition, 50th Anniversary Invitational, Craft Alliance, St. Louis, MO


Teapot Invitational, Mobilia Gallery, Cambridge, MA


8th International Fiber Biennial, Snyderman-Works Gallery, Philadelphia, PA


Outside/Inside the Box, Crane Arts Building, Philadelphia, PA (juried exhibition)


Woven Stories: Contemporary Tapestries, Ann Street Gallery, Newburgh, NY


The Teapot Redefined 2011, Mobilia Gallery, Cambridge, MA


7th International Fiber 2010, Snyderman-Works Gallery, Philadelphia, PA


HOT TEA: 12th Biennial Teapot Exhibition, Craft Alliance, St. Louis, MO


Intertwined: Contemporary Baskets from the Sara and David Lieberman Collection,
Museum of Arts and Design, New York, NY


New and Novel 2009: Recent Gifts RAM’s Collection, Fiber Works by Kate Anderson, Carol Eckert, Jane Sauer, Kay Sekimachi and Lenore Tawney, Racine Art Museum, Racine, WI


Teapots: Object to Subject, (Curator: Leslie Ferrin, Ferrin Gallery, for Craft Alliance)
Traveling Exhibition
• William D. Cannon Art Gallery, Carlsbad, CA
• Neville Public Museum, Green Bay, WI
• Center for the Arts, The Art League of Bonita Springs, FL
• Mount Clare Museum House, Baltimore, MD
•Californ ia State University-Dominguez Hills, Carson, CA
• Ellen Noel Art Museum, Odessa, TX
• Elzay Gallery of Art, Ohio Northern University, Ada, Ohio
• Figge Art Museum, Davenport, IA
• Kimball Art Center, Park City, UT
• Museum of Seminole County History, Sanford, FL
• J. Wayne Stark University Center Galleries, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX
• Brownsville Museum of Fine Art, Brownsville, TX
• Museum of Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX
• Forbes Gallery, New York, NY


INTERTWINED: Contemporary Baskets from the Sara and David Lieberman Collection
•Traveling Exhibition , catalogue/image
•New Mexico Museum of Fine Arts, Santa Fe, NM
•Bellevue Museum of Art, Bellevue, WA
•Michener Art Museum, Doylestown, PA
•Palo Alto Cultural Center, Palo Alto, CA
•Houston Center for Contemporary Craft, Houston, TX
•Arizona State University Art Museum, Tempe, AZ


Basketry in Perspective, , Santa Fe, NM


Basketry in Perspective, Jane Sauer Gallery, Santa Fe, NM


teapots! steep in thought, Morgan Contemporary Glass Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA


Masters of Contemporary Basketry, , Seattle, WA


XTreme Baskets, , Santa Fe, NM


Beyond Basketry, Dairy Barn Cultural Art Center, Athens, OH catalogue/ image


Sixth International Fiber Biennial, , Philadelphia, PA


S.O.F.A./Chicago, Chicago, Il, Snyderman-Works Gallery, Philadelphia


Baskets as Architecture, Mobilia Gallery, Cambridge, MA


Baskets – No Boundaries, , Santa Fe, NM


Material Difference, Chicago Cultural Center (Curator: Polly Ulrich, art critic)


Baskets: Beyond Structure, , Santa Fe, NM


S.O.F.A./New York, Nancy Margolis Gallery, New York


POP, solo exhibition, Nancy Margolis Gallery, New York, NY


Selections from Biennial, Peters Valley Craft Center, Layton, NJ


Fifth International Fiber Biennial, , Philadelphia, PA


THE ARTFUL TEAPOT: 20th-Century Expressions from the Kamm Collection.
Traveling Exhibition, catalogue, image
•Dixon Gallery and Gardens, Memphis, TN
•Peabody Essex Museum, Salem, MA
•Bellevue Arts Museum, Bellevue, WA
•Mint Museum of Craft + Design, Charlotte, NC
•Chicago Cultural Center, Chicago, IL
•Long Beach Museum of Art, Long Beach, CA
•The George R. Gardiner Museum, Toronto, Ontario
•Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts, Montgomery, AL
•COPIA: The American Center for Wine, Food and the Arts, Napa, CA


Fibre: A New World View, America’s Top Fibre Artists, National Craft Gallery of the Irish Craft Council, Kilkenny, Ireland


Midwest Sculpture: Elements of Scale, Washington University, organized by
International Arts and Artists, Washington, D.C.

2001, 05

S.O.F.A./New York, Snyderman-Works Galleries, Philadelphia, PA


Kate Anderson, solo exhibition, Snyderman-Works Galleries, Philadelphia, PA


Fiber Biennial 2004, Snyderman-Works Galleries, Philadelphia, PA


Best of the West, Colorado Convention Center, Convergence 2004, Denver


Contemporary Teapots: Object as Subject, Craft Alliance, St. Louis (Curator: Leslie Ferrin, Ferrin Gallery)


Planting, Potting and Pruning: Artists and the Cultivated Landscape, invited, Charles A. Wustum Museum of Fine Arts, Racine, WI


Generations/Transformations: American Fiber Art, American Textile History Museum, invited, Lowell, MA catalogue/image


International Miniature Sculpture Exhibition 2002 Exhibition Taiwan, presented by The Sculpture Association of Taiwan, invited. Traveling Exhibition, Taiwan
•National Museum of History Taipei
•Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts


Treasure Trove, Vancouver Exhibition Centre, Textile Tides, Convergence 2002, Vancouver, B.C., Canada


Threads on the Edge: The Daphne Farago Art Collection, Boston Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA


Survey Fiber 2002, Snyderman/Works Gallery, Philadelphia, PA


Contemporary Baskets, Thirteen Moons Gallery, Santa Fe, NM


Instructor’s Exhibit for the National Basketry Organization, LewAllen. Contemporary Gallery, Santa Fe, NM


Once Upon A Time: Artists Examine Fairy Tales, Legends and Myth, Invited, Charles A. Wustum Museum of Fine Arts, Racine, WI


Woven Constructions, Craft Alliance, St. Louis, MO (Curator: Jane Sauer, artist)


Inventions & Constructions: New Baskets (Curator: Jane Sauer, artist)
Traveling Exhibition:
•Kentucky Art & Craft Gallery, Louisville, KY
•Gray Gallery, East Carolina University, Greenville, NC
•Charles A Wustum Museum of the Arts, Racine, WI
•Society for Arts and Crafts, Boston, MA
•Florida Craftsmen, Inc., St. Petersburg, FL


That Was Then, This Is Now: A 35th Anniversary Retrospective, Craft Alliance, St. Louis, MO


Surface-Strength-Structure: Pertaining to Line, Snyderman/Works Gallery,
Philadelphia, PA , Curator: Bruce Hoffman, Gallery Director


The Practiced Hand: Constructions & Sculptural Fiber,
South Bend Regional Museum of Art, South Bend, IN catalogue


'99 Cups, invited, Mesa Arts Center-Galeria Mesa, Mesa, AZ


S.O.F.A./Chicago, Chicago, IL, Mobilia Gallery, Cambridge, MA


The Teapot Redefined, Mobilia Gallery, Cambridge, MA


Contemporary Baskets '99, del Mano Gallery, Los Angeles, CA catalogue/image


Social Fiber: Untangling the Message, Society of Arts and Crafts, Boston, MA (Curator: Gail M. Brown, independent curator)


Baskets and Beyond, Craft Alliance, St. Louis, MO


S.O.F.A./New York City, New York (Mobilia Gallery, Cambridge, MA)


Focus on Fiber, R. Duane Reed Gallery, Chicago, IL


Fiber 98, Textile Arts Centre, juried exhibition, Chicago, IL (Juror: Gillian Moss Curatorial Chair and Curator of Textiles, Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum, Smithsonian Institution, New York)


Modus Operandi: A Survey of Contemporary Fiber, Snyderman/Works Galleries, Philadelphia, PA (Curator: Bruce Hoffman)


S.O.F.A./Chicago, Chicago, IL, Mobilia Gallery, Cambridge, MA


Artifacts and Archetypes, Mobilia Gallery, Cambridge, MA


Contemporary Baskets '98, del Mano Gallery, Los Angeles, CA catalogue/image


Fabricated from Flax, Contemporary Crafts Gallery, invitational , Portland, OR


6th Annual Teapot Exhibition, Craft Alliance, St. Louis (Curator: Susan Bostwick, artist)


Contemporary Religious Fiber Art, presented by Friends of Fiber Art International, SOFA/New York (Juror: Jane Adlin, 20th Century Art Dept., The Metropolitan Museum of Art), New York, NY


Muse of the Millennium, Nordic Heritage Museum, Seattle, WA (Juror: Lloyd Herman, founding director Renwick Gallery-Smithsonian Institution) catalogue/image


Woven Forms: Contemporary American Basketry, invitational exhibition, Haydon Gallery, Nebraska Art Association, Lincoln, NE catalogue/image


SOFA/Chicago Exposition, Chicago, Mobilia Gallery, Cambridge, MA


The Teapot Redefined, Mobilia Gallery, Cambridge, MA


New Baskets: Expanding The Concept, invitational exhibition, Craft Alliance, St. Louis, MO (Curator: Jane Sauer, artist)


Kamm Teapot Foundation, Sparta, NC

Minnesota Museum of American Art

Museum of Arts and Design, New York, NY, promised gift

Museum of Fine Art, Boston, MA

Muskegon Art Museum, Muskegon, MI

Philadelphia Art Museum, Philadelphia, PA

Racine Art Museum, Racine, WI


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Workshop Leader: Surface Design Association Biennial Conference, St. Louis


Featured Speaker: “Locally Grown, Nationally Known”, SDA Biennial Conference “Beyond the Surface”


Workshop Leader: Winter, Craft Alliance, St. Louis


Juror: Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville Graduate/Undergraduate Student Exhibition


Keynote Speaker: Pine to Prairie Fiber Arts Trail Conference, Bemidji, MN


Lecturer: “Inside the Studio”, University of Missouri, St. Louis


Lecturer: “Inside the Studio”, Craft Alliance, St. Louis


Workshop Leader, University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana


Workshop Leader, Beginning Knotting, St. Louis, MO


Author: Questioning Convention, article on Darlyn Susan Yee for Fiber Art Now, Fall 2012


Lecturer: “Evolution of My Work”, Bellevue Museum of Art, Bellevue, WA


Workshop Leader: National Basketry Organization Biennial Convention, Portland State University, Portland, OR


Workshop/Seminar Leader: Convergence 2008, Tampa, FL. Sponsored by Handweavers Guild of America (HGA)


Workshop/Seminar Leader: Midwest Weaver’s Conference, Dana College, Blair, NE


Workshop/Seminar Leader: Convergence 2006, Grand Rapids, MI, sponsored by Handweavers Guild of America (HGA)


Workshop Leader, Craft Alliance, St. Louis, MO


Lecturer: Missouri Fine Arts Academy, Southwest Missouri State University, Springfield, MO


Workshop Leader: Missouri Weaver’s Guild, St. Louis, MO


Lecturer: “Living an Artist’s Life”, Women in the Arts 2005, University of Missouri


Seminar Leader: Convergence 2004, Denver, CO, sponsored by HGA


Panelist: “Outside the Studio: Presenting Tapestry within a Broader Field”, sponsored by American Tapestry Alliance’s Critical Forum, Denver, CO


Workshop Leader, Craft Alliance, St. Louis, MO


Workshop Leader, Craft Alliance, St. Louis, MO


Lecturer: Missouri Fine Arts Academy, Southwest Missouri State University, Springfield


Workshop Leader, Panelist: American Textile History Museum, Lowell, MA


Workshop/Seminar Leader: Textile Tides, Convergence 2002, Vancouver, BC, Canada, sponsored by Handweavers Guild of America


Panelist: Gallery-Artist Relationships, sponsored by Tyler Alumni Association, Temple University, Tyler School of Art, Philadelphia, PA


Workshop Leader, Panel Moderator: "Inventions & Constructions: Concepts and Materials", Florida Craftsmen Conference 2000, St. Petersburg, Fl.


Lecture: "Five Voices From the Fiber World", Kate Anderson, Candace Kling, Michael James, Barbara Lee Smith, and Jon Eric Riis, sponsored by Friends of Fiber Arts International, S.O.F.A./Chicago, Chicago, IL


1995 – 2005

Director, R. Duane Reed Gallery

1994 – 1995

Director, Elliot Smith Gallery

1984 – 1994

Director, Locus Gallery

1983 – 1984

Director, Timothy Burns Gallery

1982 – 1983

Director, Brentwood Gallery

Experienced workshop leader, lecturer, juror, and curator. Professional activities provided upon request.
PAST EXHIBITIONS 1982-96 Painting Exhibition Resume Provided on Request